Writing again.

I’m finally settled in the Sierra de Guadarrama after what felt like a thousand moves and flights, and a lot of stress. It feels so nice to finally have a new *home*. I’ve finally had the chance to settle into a routine that makes me feel happy and relaxed. Despite the sometimes irritating gossip that floats around this small, sleepy town, I love waking up early for a long run through the mountains with beautiful views of the city, and the monastery of El Escorial, then coming back to my home office and learning about the ways artificial intelligence is disrupting the wealth management industry. I’m challenged, but the stress levels are low. It’s such a welcome change.

The beginning of many trails.

Since I run without music, I’ve been thinking a lot. I have time. I’m also working in tech, so I’m spending a lot of time at the computer (not that that is anything new). I wrote this yesterday, as I was reflecting on all my moving around and how the internet has helped but also hindered aspects of my life. It’s my first post on Medium. Let me know what you think.

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