Reporting from Spain (again- I’ll probably keep doing it)

Just missing the ocean…

Today the snow is melting and it’s rainy out. Beef stew is on the stove. It’s freezing cold, which is bonkers considering I was tanning just two months ago in January. It’s the end of the month so I imagine a lot of people are experiencing intense anxiety. Payroll, bills, and how long can we make it?

I wanted to share some entertainment. The first is a video that makes me laugh out loud. The second one makes me cry with tears of hope and joy. This can also be considered a language lesson.

I’m learning how to produce subtitles on YouTube. What a great way to spend a quarantine! But apparently technology is not cooperating with me, maybe due to an overload of users. So instead of timely subtitles, you’ll have a transcription.

1. This is the one that makes me laugh out loud!

This guy is awesome.

I’m spending time on social media and I’ve heard messages that are very surprising like that of Cristiano Ronaldo saying ‘stay at home’. Or Vin Diesel, also saying ‘stay at home’. Our President Nito Cortizo, and various Ministers have told us to stay at home. OF COURSE! You live in a mansion!! Stay in my house!! It’s been 3 days and I’m about to go insane!!! It seems like the north pole because all I have left is ice!! Stay in MY HOUSE! Your house is like a country. It has tennis courts and golf courses. STAY AT HOME.

So yeah, at least I have more to eat than just ice. This next video is the one that gets me teary. I hope it resonates with you as well. Thanks to my friend Dianne in Florence for sharing it with me.

This guy is also awesome.

Just to be clear, I am NOT taking credit for these beautiful words. I just wanted to share them with a larger audience. I will look for a way to link back to the author.

“I’ve been reflecting a lot the past few days, trying to give some meaning because there must be meaning to this crazy situation we’re experiencing. I imagined that the virus could speak. I imagined what it would say in a letter if it could write one. These are the words I was able to put down on paper.

Hi. I’m Covid19. Many of you will know me as Coronavirus. Yep, it’s me. Sorry for not being able to tell you when, where or how I’ll introduce myself to you. Why am I here?

Let’s just say I was tired. I was tired of seeing you ruining yourselves. I was tired of you treat the planet. I was tired of how you treat each other. I was tired of your violence. Of the wars. Of your interpersonal conflicts and your prejudices.

I was tired of your social jealousy. Your hypocrisy and your egotism. I was tired of how little time you spend on yourselves, and your families. I was tired of how much you ignore your children. I was tired of your superficiality. I was tired of the importance you give to superfluous things, at the cost of the things that are essential.

I was tired of your continued search for the most beautiful dress, the newest phone, or the best car just to appear successful. I was tired of your lies. I was tired of your misinformation. I was tired of the little time you spend communicating with each other. I was tired of your continued complaining when you do nothing to improve your situation.

I was tired of watching you fight for futile motives. I was tired of the risks cause by governments making bad decisions. I was tired of seeing people insult each other over a soccer game.

I know. I’ll be tough on you. Maybe too tough. But I’m not after anyone in particular. I’m a virus. My existence will cost you lives. But I want you to understand something. You have to change for your own good.

The message I want to give you is simple. I wanted to illuminate the societal limits that you are living with. Because you can eliminate them. I wanted to stop everything on purpose so you can understand what is important and where to devote your energy. And it’s simple: LIFE. Your own, and those of your children. Think about what is absolutely necessary to protect it, nurture it, and share it.

I wanted you alone at home. Away from your parents, from your grandparents, your children and grandchildren. So you can understand how important a hug is. Human contact. Dialogue. A handshake. A night with friends. A walk in town. A dinner out. A run in the park.

Everything needs to restart from here. You’re all equal. Don’t differentiate yourselves. I’ve shown that distance doesn’t exist. I’ve run kilometers in little time without you even noticing. I’m here in passing.

But the feelings of closeness and collaboration that I have created among you in so little time should remain. Live your lives as simply as possible! Walk. Breathe deeply. Do good, because good will always come back to you with interest. Enjoy nature. Do what you love and create conditions that allow you to be independent.

When the party starts, I’ll already be gone. But remember, don’t be better people only when I am around.”

It’s a lot to read, and I’m sure people will have issues with my translation (not perfect), but I hope the message is sent. How can we learn from this?

God bless you and stay safe!

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