Some Thoughts on Leadership

Beautiful Cercedilla. I can’t wait to go outside again!

One of the blessings I’ve noticed lately is that I have been speaking a lot more with people I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Including my sisters and brothers. Since we can’t be together physically, we’ve all been stepping up our communication game.

Since I’ve been working with Epikus, I’ve been learning a lot about leadership development. Some things I already knew, some things are completely new. Speaking with my sister last night, we were talking about how businesses are handling their human resources right now. If you’re ‘non-essential’, are you not worth investing in?

Sis sent me two articles. The first is this one, from Forbes, which gives some information about changes CostCo implemented as the Covid-19 virus began spreading in the United States. The second is from The Intercept, and tells the horror story of Whole Foods at the same time. Taking the courage to bite the bullet and ensure the well-being of your employees is what distinguishes excellent leaders. In a time of crisis, do you invest in your people, or pull back out of fear? What about when we’re on the other side? What do you do when you find yourself needing to hire again and your Glassdoor reviews are negative, good luck finding the best talent. Now is a time for reflection and growth. And investment in people will only make leaders better in the long run.

I’ve been tempted to apply for a job with Amazon. But I don’t like their values. I’ve worked for companies that I won’t name that paid a ton of money, but treated me like a machine. I know I’m not the first one to say this, but isn’t it interesting that now people who don’t make minimum wage are our ‘heroes’? I hope business leaders in the U.S. are receiving the messages. We know the government isn’t!

While I’m not in the U.S. and I’m not sure how things are on the ground, what my friends have told me is that looting has begun and people aren’t taking things seriously. I am happy to report from Spain that people here are being very respectful, at least where I am in Cercedilla. While grocery trips are full of nerves, I notice strangers saying hello, and neighbors yelling out windows just to check in.

This was kind of a boring post. I saw this this morning and it made me laugh, so enjoy. Too bad I don’t have a dog!

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  1. Thanks so much Kathryn, very interesting to hear your report on the ground in Spain. Your dad Steve, a dear friend, sent me this update and I very much appreciated hearing this. Just had a dear friend north of Barcelona who lost his mother to COVID-19 yesterday. Praying for the people of Spain and so many others around the world.

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