About Kathryn

A native of Arlington, Virginia, I hold my MA in Political Science and my BA in International Affairs, both from James Madison University. I am multilingual, as a native English speaker who is fluent in Spanish and Italian, and I love to read, conduct research, and write. While I am not (yet!) fluent in Portuguese, I could be very soon!

I have been working in dynamic research-focused roles both on-site and in a location-independent capacity with an impeccable record serving esteemed institutions on a global scale. My profile is versatile in nature as I have thrived in higher education as well as tech start-up contexts and have worked on behalf of the European Commission. I also have experience working in a tech startup environment, specifically with artificial intelligence and machine learning as a communicator and facilitator between the development team and major clients primarily in the financial sector.

Site made by Kathryn's little brother, Phil 💪
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