Do you need a quick translation on the spot? Or have a manuscript you’d like translated? We all know online translation services are great in a pinch, but sometimes you want perfection. A misspelled word or grammatical error can make a big difference for your company’s online presence. Let Kathryn edit your (automatically) translated site or document, or get it right the first time.


If your project requires research in multiple languages, Kathryn can help you out. She has over ten years of experience collecting information from international news outlets, and academic journals written in local source languages, and then synthesizing data for international clients’ consumption in English.

Kathryn is also available for academic proofreading and editing. She is listed as an official language corrector at the European University Institute’s language center.


Everyone can use a second set of eyes. But, not all eyes are created equal. Kathryn has years of experience editing documents of all types, and she isn't afraid to provide a second opinion, either.


For international phone calls and meetings, communication can sometimes be tricky. Kathryn can sit in virtually and make sure everyone’s message is being heard correctly, either in real time or after the fact via recording.
"Kathryn is pretty darn good at what she does. I'm just a placeholder, but I'm sure she has a few real testimonials lying around somewhere."
Jane Doe
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